“People Are All Escapees of Their Own Inner Prisons.”

- Gintama, episode 110


"I have no intention of getting you a rope so you can hang yourself. ...But, if it's a rope to pull you out of hell, then I'll bring you as many as you want." 

Sakata Gintoki

My life is now complete!

Double explosive ultra awesome!

Holy shit! O_O Gah!

*Implodes from overlode of extreme epic*

One piece. I'll say no more.



I just got the image of Shinomori Aoshi hitting Kenshin and Sano with a pimp cane in my head, and can't get it out xD

Haha xD

Ett av de mer känslosamma 'moments' i animen Soul Eater...blir totalförstört av Black Star. 


"Even though there are a lot of things you can't forget, and a lot of sad things too, the morning will still come, right?
So there's no need to overdo it by bearing them in your heart."

- Shirley, episode 14, Code Geass

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