A Girl

This is a story about a girl. A girl who didn't believe in her own love.


Others could love, and she herself could love. But she couldn't be loved. Not in a million years.


That was how she lived her life. The simple, most important rule in her life. The steady ground that kept her from falling and the wall to lean against when she tripped. The drug that soothed when it hurt the most.


'You can love, but don't expect anyone to love you back. And don't ever let that special person know how you feel.'


If someone ever asked her what love felt like, she wouldn't have any other truly honest answer except the throbbing pain that come from knowing you would never be loved back. Never be cherished and accepted for who you really are.


But when someone asks, she lies, and tell them – with a smile – that love is wonderful. But in reality, she doesn't know, because she have never been loved back.


At the same time that she is experiencing all this, she is afraid.


What if someone someday comes and break her ground, rip apart her pillar and takes away her drug...


...just to watch her fall?



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