Love the way you lie

Wrote this while listening to the angsty tones of Eminem and Rihanna =_=


“Leave! Leave! I hate you! Get out!”


She screamed. Cried.


She didn't want to do this any more. It was always the same story. Over and over and over again. It hurt. It ripped her heart out. She wanted it to work, because when it was good, it was great. But...right now...

“Fine! I'll leave!”

And he left.


She sunk to the floor and sobbed. Why did it turn out like this? She remembered hot chocolate and rainy days. Times spent in the sun, sitting in the shadow of a tree. Passionate nights, loving evenings. Memories played like a film in her mind, making her want to cry out. Run out. Make him come back.


She wanted him back. She missed him.


But it was too late. Too much had been said and too much had been done.


Tears dripped down on the floor, staining the carpet. But even then they didn't seem to stop. She curled in on herself. Her finger left red marks on her arms. And then she screamed. Screamed for all the pain he'd caused her. For all the agony.


She hated him! Hated! Hated! Hated! Hated! Loved! Hated! Loved! Loved! Loved...


She loved him. Loved him so much. And it was his fault. She hated him for making her love him. And it hurt.

Postat av: Annika

Love it! :D

2011-09-13 @ 22:23:15

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